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The Dreams on Which Male Power Is Based

Men have ego and standing and they consider their lot in life to be above those of women and other creatures. This is evident in the way the world is run and the Establishment that is the power-house of progress. It is the basis of religions that demand women serve men and surrender all other things to do so.

Enemies Grow Alike: The West and Militant Islam

The old saying that enemies grow alike seems to be verified from time-to-time throughout history, and is becoming apparent today in the face of the threat from Islamic jihadists. Although countries on both sides of the Atlantic have much more pressing problems, the issue of Islamic extremism seems to take centre stage. This may be partly due to politicians focussing on external threats to divert attention from internal problems, but, whatever the reason, the abuse of the law by terrorists is giving rise to groups in both the USA and the UK which increasingly advocate summary justice and hold the national police and judicial process in contempt.

The Overpopulation Dilemma and the Impending Last Days

Big families are an issue in many places as the population soars to unsustainable levels. This is particularly true where religions like the Catholic and Muslim faiths are in charge of people’s beliefs. The concept that one must have as many children as possible is actually an order from God because we are in the last days.

Money and 666 Runs the World and the World Order Is Based on It

This is not news as everyone knows it. Without money nothing happens and if one has no money they are usually in poverty and treated as out-casts. One must work to make it or else have a very good way of extracting it from those who do have it.

America Is Obviously Facing The Wrath of God

While tensions over migrants and the economy are sending many Americans into a panic there is a general feeling that the country is out of favour with God. Many are asking why it wouldn’t be so. A look at what is really happening and what its businesses are doing speaks loud and clear.

An Oscar on the Screen and a Realpolitik Behind the Curtain: A Critique on the Recent Oscar Awards

An Oscar again to the 2012, Academy Oscar award winner, Pakistani activist and Journalist: Sharmeen Obaid – Chinoy is indeed a moment of great pride for a nation like Pakistan, which has been massively portrayed as “the most worst and insecure place worldwide for women”, but, a moment of meticulous analysis reveals the realpolitik behind awarding an Oscar again to the documentary based on the plight of Pakistani ill-fated women, is the blatant projection of Islam as a misogynist religion and re-enforcing the myth that “Islam is a religion of terror” at the global level. Formerly, it was the issue of “Acid Attacks” on the Pakistani women covered in the 2012 Oscar award winning short documentary “Saving Face” and this time it is another form of gender based violence: “Honour killing”, pinpointing and reiterating the the fact that “Islam supports violence and barbarity over women”, so that the western lobbying of Islamophobia be furthered. The whole western team propped up by the Oscar award winning lady and the preference of releasing the documentary first infront of the US audience depicts the involvement of Foreign element in creating a mania of violence and terror vis-a-vis Islam,so that,the plethora of militia be shifted towards the “Capitalistic” ideologies, a gist of the 4th generation warfare.

World Leaders Face Difficult Issues That They Cannot Resolve

Leaders face one major crisis after another because we are nearing the end of the day of the lord. The time allotted for man to do his worst was just 4,000 years in which he had free reign to set up his religions and guide the world to disaster. While most pray to their false gods and idols the damage they have caused is bringing all things to an end.

Why Mt Sinai and Moses Are Based on Fiction

Kings and emperors were about tricks and how to get people under their rule acting in a compliant manner. Religion was the most convenient way to accomplish it and the roots of all religions are in Babylon. The formula presented there was Islam and that is the same as with all faiths born of it.

Signs of the Last Days

The first and most obvious is from Micah 4:1 which states that in the last days the mountain of God will appear in the top of the mountains and all people will flow to it. That mountain is the Internet and it is above all institutions, systems, and governments. Everyone in the world is flowing to it for answers and communication.

Changing the Name of Easter?

With one chocolate manufacturer reported to have considered removing the word ‘Easter’ from its chocolate eggs, the question arises once again: is Easter any longer a Christian festival? With recent surveys finding that about 52 percent of the adult population of the United Kingdom has no religious affiliation, and another 8 percent profess a non-Christian faith, Easter now has actual religious significance for only a minority. The major driving force behind the celebration of Easter, as well as Christmas and all other annual holidays, is the market economy, with commercial enterprises seeking ways to exploit every opportunity to boost sales. Whatever its name, it seems likely that the spring holiday will endure as long as there is profit to be made.

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